Austere Medicine: Trauma Intensive – 2019

The Austere Medicine program is an introduction to the most vital aspects of medicine in a post-disaster or austere environment and integrates western emergency medicine, sports medicine, wilderness first aid and botanical (herbal) medicine.  This is a five-day intensive course held at our San Antonio campus, preceded by a required 12-week online course and 3-day [...]

Colorado Winter Wilderness Herbal First Responder Certification

**Tuition installments are available for students who have paid the minimum deposit.  The balance is due by the start of the course in December.  All information is below under COURSE DETAILS** RSVP WITH CREDIT CARD Wilderness Herbal First Responder (92-hour) Certification The Wilderness Herbal First Responder certification course is a 10-day, 80-hour course that is [...]

Herbal Clinical Week Experience – Coal River Valley, WV

This clinical intensive week is open to herbal medicine students at The Human Path aka Herbal Medics Academy (as well as other selected herbal medicine schools with prior approval*see below). The clinical week experience is a 5-day clinical class and exercise for herbalists (clinical or emergent responder program) and medicine makers (Apothecarist program).  This is [...]

Combat Medic Level 1: Individual and Team Tactics 2016

This weekend course is a Combat Medic elective that is open to everyone. However, it is also a required "bridge" course for anyone who is taking the Wilderness Herbal First Responder (prior to this course) and the Primitive Core Basic (immediately following this weekend), and wants to receive the Combat Medic Level 1 Certification. The [...]

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Tactical Medicine 1

During the Tactical Medicine 1 course, students focus on critical life-saving techniques that include extrication and evacuation to safety, immediate life-saving techniques (airway, breathing and circulation) in the field and under fire, tactical movement and practical individual first aid kit (IFAK) packing and usage. This course centers around hands-on application of one skill at a [...]

The Integumentary (Skin) System for the Herbalist: Online Course

The Integumentary (Skin) System for the Herbalist: “Identifying and understanding acute and chronic illness of the skin” The integumentary module (one of the pathophysiology modules) is an in-depth study of the physiology and pathophysiology of the skin – from the standpoint of the clinical herbalist.  This often includes infections or disorders that do not originate [...]

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