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Q: “How do I sign up for a course or a class?”

A: Our classes, courses, and workshops are listed on our homepage under the words “Class Calendar”. Click on any event to learn more and be taken to the registration page. They are in order by date and you can see the next group of upcoming events by clicking “Load More Events” at the bottom of the page. If you want to find out how to become certified in any of our Programs, click on “Courses & Programs” in the navigation bar. It’s a dropdown menu. if you hover over the arrow you’ll see a handful of our Featured Courses followed by a list of all our Programs. If you click directly on “Courses & Programs” you’ll be taken to our Programs homepage. Our courses are also listed in the yearly “Calendar” link on the nav bar.

Q: “Where is information about the Herbal Medics Program?”

A: Click on “Courses & Programs” in our navigation bar. You’ll be taken to our Programs page, as well as see our Programs listed individually in the dropdown menu, and there you will see a link to “Herbal Medics Online”. You can also explore our “Family Herbalist Program” and see if the materials in that curriculum are more suited to your needs.

Q: “How can I become an herbal medic?”

A: Being an herbal medic involves taking a series of courses and certifications. Visit our Programs page and start by exploring “Herbal Medic Online”, “Emergent Responder Program” (which is for intermediate and advanced students), and “Family Herbalist Program”.

Q: “What is an herbalist?”

A: An herbalist works with the body to perform its natural functions by introducing plant medicine topically or internally. An herbalist can identify, forage responsibly, and process correctly according to GMP guidelines a variety of plant species that enhance natural body functions and treat acute injuries and chronic illnesses. An herbalist can make a variety of mediums to deliver the plant medicine (botanical medicine/herbal medicine) to the body such as but not limited to tinctures, syrups, glycerites, teas, salves and oils, poultices and plasters.

Q: “How can I become an herbalist?”

A: Click on “Courses & Programs” in our navigation bar. You’ll be taken to our Programs page and there you will see a link to our “Family Herbalist Program” as well as “Botanical Medicine Making”. These pages outline all the courses, workshops, and classes that will lead to you becoming a practicing herbalist.

Q: “Do you have a Doula/Midwife Certificate Program?”

A: Yes! Click on “Courses & Programs” in our navigation bar. On our Programs page and in the dropdown menu you’ll see a link called “Doula Certification”. That page outlines all the courses, workshops, and classes that will lead to you becoming a certified, practicing Doula. You can also find information on the “Family Herbalist” page also in the menu.

Q: “I heard you make herbal formulas available. Where do I find those?”

A: Click on “Store” in our nav bar. You’ll be taken to our online store, HerbalFirstAidGear.com. There you’ll find botanical formulas, survival gear uniquely made by us such as personalized first aid kits with an emphasis on plant medicine, and Sam Coffman’s book “The Herbal Medic”.

Q: “Do you offer First Aid and First Responder Certs?”

A: Yes! We offer Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certifications locally (San Antonio, Texas) and at various locations across the U.S. throughout the year. You can see the courses coming up listed on our homepage under “Class Calendar” and also on our yearly calendar link at the bottom of the page.

Q: “I just want to learn survivalism. I heard your school teaches wilderness survival and prepper courses. Where do I find those?”

A: Click on the link “The Human Path” in the nav bar at the top of the homepage. You’ll be take to the webpage of our survivalism and primitive skills school. All the survivalism courses, classes, and workshops are listed there on our homepage under “Class Calendar”. Click any of the events on the homepage and you’ll be taken to a page with all that event’s information and ability to register.

Q: “Who teaches at your school?”

A: We have a variety of instructors from many different backgrounds and walks of life. All are highly experienced in the fields related to the topics they teach within our school. Click on “About Us” and then “Our Faculty” to read about our excellent associates and instructors.

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