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Winter Apothecarist Registration Open Now

The Apothecarist Program is an 18-month intensive study program (both online and on-site) that explores the processes of making botanical products as a profession.  In addition to the history of the apothecary trade, students will get extensive training in the making of both internal and external herbal preparations as well as important product regulation information every practicing apothecarist should know.

The program is divided into (2) interactive online sections and a total of (6) on-site intensives.

To receive the Apothecarist Certificate, students must complete both online sections and a minimum of 3 of the 6 offered on-site intensives.

Details, course dates and descriptions are below.


To enroll, students must have completed either the Intro to Herbal Medicine online course, or an equivalent basic herbal foundation program with another school.


The course is divided into two online sessions and six specialty on-site intensives that students can choose from.


One will focus on internal herbal products and processes and the other will cover external herbal products. Students will be involved in creating herbal products throughout the online course with materials sent at the start of the course.

Each online session is 12 weeks long.  At the end of both interactive online sessions, students will understand processes involved in making herbal preparations for purchase,  therapeutic essential oil distillation processes and uses, information on state laws, packaging and labeling regulations, GMP guidelines, product and supply resources, and a solid foundation of skills to make sure your apothecarist business is off to a good start.


These are 3-day long on-site intensives for students to have even greater depth of training in certain specialty areas.  These are designed for apothecarists that would like to create a product line or specialize in a certain area of herbal preparations.  The dates for these intensives, which will be dove-tailed against upcoming clinical on-site classes.

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The Apothecarist Spring Online Course 2018 (External):The Apothecarist Program is an 18-month intensive study program (both online and on-site) that explores the processes of making herbal products as a profession. In addition to the history of the apothecary trade, students will get extensive training in the making of both internal and external herbal preparations as well as important product regulation information every practicing apothecarist should know. 1/7/18 – 4/14/18.

Food As Medicine: An overlooked area of great potential is the integration of herbal medicine into food. Students will learn about food handling regulations, packaging requirements, and food safety before diving straight into the lush world of herbal infused foods. This course will cover fermented herbs, wild edibles in therapeutic dishes, herbal fruit pastes/cheeses, making hot and cold tonic drinks, herbal cooking recipes and a culinary materia medica. 

External Herbal Preparations: We will walk through the hands-on processes of creating customized herbal skin deodorants, lotions, to herbal hydrotherapy or body care preparations, packaging them and product presentation guidance. March 2-4th, 2018.

High-Potency Internal Botanical Medicine through Multi-Fractional Extraction Methods: This intensive will focus on using water, glycerine, alcohol, ACV, Spagyrics, tincture distillation techniques and other methods to obtain multi-fractional, high-potency medicinal extracts from the plants we use as medicine. The hands-on medicine we produce will incorporate a full spectrum of both vitalistic (energetic and spiritual) concepts as well as organic chemistry and constituent theory. Pre-requisite: Internal online Apothecarist course.  4/6 – 4/8, 2018.  7 open spots.

Therapeutic Essential Oil Distillation and Infusions: With the recent surge in popularity of essential oils comes the questions regarding safety, processes and therapeutic applications. This intensive will cover the basics of distilling your own botanicals for therapeutic use, making hydrosols and the best ways to bring this intensely powerful tool into your apothecary. Students have the option of purchasing their own glass distillation unit during the course.  5/4 – 5/6, 2018. 15 open spots.

Mycology and Herbs: Learn everything you need to know in order to begin adding potent mycellium into your herbal preparations. This intensive will cover cultivation, identification, wild foraging techniques, innoculation, preservation, and preparations methods of mushrooms for your apothecary.  October 12 – 14th, 2018.  8 open spots.

Internal Herbal Preparations: This is a fun and collaborative course. Students will get hands-on experience in making everything from herbal honeys, vinegars and gummies to experiencing a tincture tasting bar, concocting bitters, teas and tonics — all designed to be end products that apothecarists can market for purchase.  November 2 – 4th, 2018.  Registration will open on Feb. 1st, 2018.



2018 Program Dates and Details

Understanding Herbal Constituents and Plant Chemistry – September 10th – October 1st, 2018.


A 12-week online interactive course.  Begins January 7, 2018.  Sunday evenings, 7 pm central time. Register Here.


External Herbal Preparations, March 2-4th,  2018

Multi-Fractional Herbal Extracts for Internal Use, April 6 – 8th, 2018

Ethnobotany in the Texas Hill Country, April 13 – 15th, 2018

Therapeutic Essential Oil Distillation, May 4 – 6th, 2018

Herbs & Mycology, 10/12/18 – 10/14/18.

Internal Herbal PreparationsNovember 2 – 4th, 2018.


A 12-week online interactive course.  Begins September 2nd – Dec. 2nd, 2018. Sunday evenings, 7 pm central time. Register Here.


Natural Soap Making, March 24, 2018. Register Here.

Natural Soap Making, April 28th, 2018. Register Here.

Medicinal Soap Making Workshop, May 12th, 2018. Register Here.

Botanical Dyes From Nature, May 19th, 2018. Register Here.

Making Herbal Incense, June 23, 2018. Register Here.

Blending Medicinal Teas, September 29th, 2018. Register Here.

Making Herbal Chocolates, October 20th, 2018. Register Here.


Tuition is $480 for each of the 12-week online sessions. This will include all media materials and shipped herbal preparation materials to students prior to the start of the class.

On-site intensives are $320 and will include handouts and herbal preparations that students take home.


Online Discount:  Pay for both 12-week online courses in advance and save 10%.  $864. (saves $96)

Basic  On-Site Discount: Pay for three on-site intensives of your choice and save 10%.  $810 (saves $90)

Premium On-Site Discount:  Pay for all six on-site intensives and save $216. ($1,584)

Full Course Discount – The Basic Version:  Includes both online courses and three on-site intensives of your choice:  $1,600 (saves $260)

Full Course Discount – Premium Version:  Includes both online courses and all six on-site intensive courses:  $2,345.  (saves $415)