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Tuition Policies

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The school does not issue refunds, but will transfer tuitions, minus the administrative fee, to another class within one calendar year of the original class.


If We cancel a class:  While we try to adhere to the scheduled dates for each class, on occasion circumstances occur that necessitate the school must cancel or reschedule the date of a class. If the class minimum number is not met or an emergency situation arises, the school may need to change the class date. If we are unable to reschedule a class to fit your schedule, we will gladly issue you a full refund.

Often we must purchase materials and food and pay instructors to teach specialized classes. Cancellations mean we must absorb that loss. Below is our policy on cancellations.

STUDENT CANCELLATIONS WITH MORE THAN 7 DAYS NOTICE BEFORE A CLASS: The student can transfer the tuition, minus the administrative fee listed below, to another class within one calendar year of the original class.

STUDENT CANCELLATIONS WITH 7 DAYS OR LESS BEFORE A CLASS: Cancellations or transfers that are a week or less before a class a student is registered into will lose the amount of the deposit specified for that class. The remainder of the tuition will be applied as a credit to a class within 1 year of the original class date.

STUDENT CANCELLATIONS WITH 24 HOURS OR LESS BEFORE A CLASS: Beginning on April 14, 2014, students that cancel from a class they are registered into with 24 hours or less notice, will lose the full amount of the tuition paid for that class.



Course tuitions and deposits are non transferable and non-refundable.



All recorded class materials are archived and available to access from our online classroom. If a student can not make a live scheduled class time, all materials should be uploaded into the classroom by the following day.  Materials are available to download and view until 30 days after the close of a class.  After 30 days, a transfer fee applies for access requests as follows:  $20 for classes under $100.  $35 for tuitions $100 – $299 and $50 for courses that are $300 or more.



Classes under $100: a $20 administrative fee applies to any transfer.

Classes under $300: a $35 administrative fee applies to any transfer.

Classes $300 or more: a $50 administrative fee applies to any transfer.


If you need to withdraw from a class or transfer to another class for any reason, please email us. Failure to contact us will result in either the loss of tuition or the deposit for the class.  Questions? Contact us.