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The Online Herbal Medic Course – Summer 2015

This is an interactive online course. Classes are held via webinar every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7PM to 9PM Central Standard Time. Additionally, there are approximately 2 hours (or less) of assignments per week. The Summer session will cover 12 weeks material beginning on Tuesday June 2nd, 2015.

Start Date: June 2nd (Tuesday)
2 week break during weeks of July 28 and August 4th.
Review and Testing Week: September 1 – 3rd  **students can access testing at any point during that week.

Materials Included: Approximately 20 packets of dried medicinal herbs that are used in the making of tinctures, salves and syrups as a class, cheesecloth and other materials.
Also included is full online access to the current self-directed online course which includes over 25 hours of video, audio, PDF and other resources.

Materials you must provide at the appropriate point in the course: Olive and/or Coconut oil (approximately 2 cups total), Raw Honey (approximately 1 cup), 80 – 100 proof Alcohol (approximately 2 cups), Mason or other canning jar, basic cooking equipment (stainless steel pans and/or crockpot, strainer, measuring cup, spoons, etc.)
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Classes Covered in this Course
Introduction to Herbology – Vitalistic and Mechanistic overview
How to study plant medicine
Introduction to Clinical Skills
Maceration Tincture Making (fresh and dried), with one tincture made as a class
Introduction to Percolation Tincture Making
Lymphatic and Immune System Physiology and Herbs
Gastrointestinal Physiology and Herbs
Materia Medica (Online Herb Walks) – covers approximately 100 herbs throughout the course.
Botany and Wildcrafting
Introduction to Forest Gardening and growing medicinal herbs
The Business of Herbalism (how to legally protect yourself)
Post-disaster and remote herbalism
Clinic and Apothecary setup and function
One or Two long-term Student Case Studies and Herbs (Some examples of past case studies include: Hiatal Hernias, Gallstones, Chronic Digestive Issues, COPD, and Respiratory Infections)
Upper and Lower Respiratory System Physiology and Herbs
Respiratory Syrup Making, with one syrup made as a class
Herbal First Aid – Poultices, plasters, capsules, primitive poultices, castor oil poultices
Wound Healing Physiology and Herbs
Herbs for Pain, Nervines
Salve Making –Fresh & Dried, Ethyl vs. Pure Oil Salves, with one salve made as a class
Upper and Lower Respiratory System Physiology and Herbs
Upper and Lower Urinary Tract Physiology and Herbs
Weekly Quizzes/Assignments
Group Discussions
Final Test (passing grade of 75% required)

Total Online Hours – 48 hours
Total Estimated homework assignments, discussions, quizzes and final test – 22 hours

All webinars are recorded and available in case you cannot attend them live. However, you will be responsible to finish the materials assigned each week.

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