Contingency Blacksmithing 1 (Off-Grid Blacksmithing)   In an environment where supplies and tools are not readily available, knowing how to construct your own contingency forge and salvage good steel for making everything you need, is an invaluable asset. Students will learn how to distinguish high carbon vs. mild steel, get hands-on experience in gathering and working with salvaged materials, and learn to adapt when what you hope and expect to have simply isn’t available.  We have revisited and improved this course structure based on the additional experience our instructors have in forging workable tools in a worst-case forging scenario.


This 2-day class picks up where the introduction blacksmith classes leave off.  Students will be empowered by starting the course with no tools and no shop, then spending part of the first day salvaging materials that can be used to build a forge, anvil and tools.  From there, students will work as a team to create a working forge, create tools and work together in creating group projects and solving problems together.  The goal of this class is not to leave with an individual crafted item, but to leave with the empowerment and knowledge that they can truly create their own make-shift forge and have dirt time creating various tools of necessity.

Students will learn:

·  how to identify and collect re-purposed salvage items

·  how to distinguish viable materials, desired metal thickness and for what use it is best for, based off a fool-proof carbon content test

·  how to construct a homemade anvil and hammer for blacksmithing

·  how to create a dirt forge using only found metal objects

·  using alternative primitive methods to super-heat the forge

·  construction of bellows from found objects

·  construction of various tools needed in a contingency situation.

Course Information:

Tuition:  $175 for Part 1 or $325 for Part 1 and Part 2. (saves $25)

Course Dates: Part 1 is May 9-10th.

Part 2 is June 6-7th.  *Part 1 is the pre-requisite to advance to Part 2. 

Location: our North San Antonio Outdoor Campus, the Blacksmith Forge area.


How To Register:

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