Contingency Blacksmithing 2 (Off-Grid Blacksmithing)  In an environment where supplies and tools are not readily available, having the know-how to create your own forge, the experience to make your own tools or weapons, and confidence to know that you can do it on your own can make a life or death difference to you as an individual or to a team in any true contingency situation.


This 2-day class moves from a group contingency forge experience to a more individualized experience, where students can challenge themselves to build their own forge and improve upon the designs used in the prior Contingency class, or blaze their own trail and explore alternatives.

Students will pair up, and as a 2-man team they will salvage their own materials, construct their own forge and complete their own individual project challenge, or goal item construction.

Instructors will be present for troubleshooting and guidance if needed, but this will primarily be an individual and pair experience to draw upon lessons learned, overcome individual challenges and prepare students to be adaptive and creative enough to get through any contingency situation.

Students will:

·  set their own project goal (create a knife, hatchet, or other desired tool outcome)

·  salvage their own items

·  construct a homemade anvil and hammer for blacksmithing

·  create their own forge as a 2-man team, design of their own choosing

·  create their own bellows or other forge heating process

·  construct their own individual project item, using their 2-man team forge


Course Information:

Tuition:  $175 for Part 2 or $325 for Part 1 and Part 2. (saves $25)

Course Dates: Part 1 is May 9-10th.

Part 2 is June 6-7th.  *Part 1 is the pre-requisite to advance to Part 2.

Location: our North San Antonio Outdoor Campus, the Blacksmith Forge area.


How To Register:

To use a credit card, go to the Square store.

To use Paypal, visit our Meetup page.

To register with a check, money order or cash, just email us at: