Potential students should have attended an introductory firearms safety course, such as Defensive Pistol (or) Rifle Training, Firearms for Preparedness or Personal Protection in the Home.  This is an intermediate level class.


Personal Protection Outside the Home: a 2-day intensive firearms safety certification course.

The main focus of this course is the effective use of a concealed handgun for self defense on the street.

Included are chapters on concealment techniques and devices, presenting the handgun from concealment, utilizing cover and concealment outdoors.

This innovative course include presentation and movement, point shooting, instinctive shooting, low-light shooting, engaging multiple targets and one-hand shooting. These skills and other presented in this course form the core shooting skills used to counter a life-threatening attack outside the home.



Tuition: $200 in advance or $225 at the start of the class.

Tuition Pairs’ Discount: $375 for two. (saves $25)

**Tuition cost includes instruction, course books, and both an Intermediate and Advanced training certificate issued by the NRA.

This course is part of the Urban Readiness Immersion Program that runs from April 24 – may 8th.  For course discounts, visit our Immersion Studies page on our website.


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