The key to successful sustainable food supply is in the soil.  Learn how the dirt underneath your feet can be the answer to much more than just an abundant garden.  Students will go home with enough knowledge to begin working on transforming their own soil right away!


This one-day course will take students all the way from understanding soil health to learning methods to build new rich land that will support life.

This class will include:

• Understand land and soil in terms of successional stages

• Observe soil samples under a microscope

• Discover how bacterial:fungal ratios relate to the soil’s successional stage

•  Conceptualize how to naturally improve the health of any soil

• Discuss ways to achieve abundance at every step of succession

• Understand the evolutionary link amongst animals, plants, and soils

• See how proper animal management speeds up land recovery

• Observe effects of animal rotation

• Understand the crucial role fungus plays in water, land, plant, and animal health

• Observe and discuss design on contour

• Compare and contrast the functions of swales, hugelkultur mounds, dams, ponds, and other earthworks



This course is also part of the Urban Readiness Immersion Program.  Course discounts are available for those signing up for 1 – 2 weeks of that program.  For more information, please visit our Immersion Program page.

Class date: May 3, 9 – 4 pm

Location: Our outdoor campus, North San Antonio

Tuition: $50 for the day or $40/ea for a pair, if registered and paid in full, in advance.

How To Register:

To sign up using a credit card, visit our Square store.

To sign up using Paypal, use our Meetup page.

To register with a check or money order, please email us at: