COMBAT MACHETE KNIFE TRAINING, taught by Thomas Howanic, a guest instructor to The Human Path from Patriot Martial Arts.


Many cultures use or have used the humble machete throughout the world. It is an important camping and survival tool as well. I use the term “machete” in a lose way to refer to a large single edged knife usually under 30” without a cross guard. This tool is known by many different names and in most occasions it is used as a tool and not as a weapon.

In my opinion the machete is not a “battle field” weapon due to the lack of a cross guard and its relatively short blade length. Typically combat blades posses cross guards to protect the hand, and in some occasions were used in conjunction with a shield. This is not to say that a machete cannot be used as a combat weapon for many martial cultures use them with ruthless efficiency!


In this course the student will learn the tactics, footwork, principles, and techniques needed in order to use the machete for self-defense.
In the course the student will progress from basic cutting and thrusting combinations to machete vs. machete counters.

< Basic Footwork Patterns
< Advance & Retreat
< Forward Triangle
< Closed Forward Triangle
< Forward Triangle with Swing
< Reverse Triangle
< Closed Reverse Triangle
< The Saw
< The Lutang


< Solo
< With Partner
< Positional Training
< Barong (Filipino Machete) Counter Attack Sets
< Sets 1-3
< Offensive Combinations



Date: January 9th 2016, 9 am to noon
Tuition: $35 in advance or $45 at the start of the class.
Pairs’ Discount: 2 for $60, save $10.
Location: San Antonio campus. *we will email directions the week before the class.


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