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Field Dressing, Skinning, Quartering & Packaging a Pig


We have changed the way we do our yearly fall harvest class. This year, we will have a one-day class on harvesting a pig from start to freezer, followed by a full-day class on how to build your own smokehouse the following weekend. Instructor Benny Finch will teach all the steps, from start to finish, of how to field dress and process a hog. This is an opportunity to learn more about where your food comes from and what is involved in a humane harvest as well as how to utilize every part of the animal. It is also a chance for students to take home meat to fill their freezers with, fat to render for soap or for cooking with or bone for rendering to make stock with.


For those of you who do this class on a regular basis, its a great chance to work together with others and get in practice on this important food sustainability skill.

This class is a first-come-first-serve registration. To hold your spot in the class, there is a non-refundable $75 tuition cost.






We are extremely fortunate to get to learn from the extensive field and butchering experience of Benny Finch in this class.  This will be an all-day class (make sure to bring your own lunch) and will include a lecture and  demonstrating the following subjects in detail:

Butchering a pig, different options for field dressing and proper meat care to include skinning, quartering, de-boning, cuts of meat, grinding, packaging and sausage stuffing.  All of this information applies to most medium to large animals.

1. An equipment list email will go out at early October.  By that time, you will need to specify how much meat you would like. See below for pricing and information on that.

2.  Class will begin promptly at 8am.  We will likely form groups to work on pigs for the best efficiency and will need to begin right away.

**I have posted important updated notes about the pricing below this post.

We will be butchering a domestic pig, so show up expecting to see & understand that, please.  Most of us who hunt do not derive any joy from the killing of an animal.  However, it is a much more honest and thoughtful way to live your life if you harvest your own food respectfully and with gratitude for what the death of this animal means for us as humans.  It is within this attitude that this animal will be harvested.

This class will be $75 and that includes the materials fee for the harvest and meat preparation, packaging, etc. Previous less expensive classes did not fully cover the cost of the equipment needed to provide multiple stations for more than one pig.

If you wish to purchase meat from the class, this is additional and will be available by the pound. The class will be limited to 12 students.

** We can have multiple animals, depending on how much meat each person would like.  Please specify if you would like to purchase meat — which will be sold by the pound and needs to be paid for at the end of the class, and if so, how much you want to take home.  We will have the per pound price of the meat, which will vary depending on the cut (some cuts are more valuable than others), and will email all class attendees before the class.  I recommend a minimum of about 20#.

In addition, because there are materials required for the harvesting and the hogs must be purchased for this class, payment for the class is due in advance to make sure we can have the hogs in time for the class. The first 12 people to mail in their class payment are guaranteed a spot in the class.

To mail a check or money order, email me directly for the mailing address.

This year, the class will be held at the school campus in San Antonio.


Pricing Notes

I have a few more details regarding the price of the harvested meat.  Because we have to pay for the live weight of the pigs, this must be factored in.

With an opportunity to be involved in not only humane but very consciously harvested meat, in which you participate in all parts of and know exactly where your food is coming from and the conditions of the animal, this is probably a good choice for stocking your freezer and buying meat in bulk.  The meat will be better quality, better raised, humanely harvested and less expensive in the long run than anything you will find in a grocery store.  The pigs being harvested are domestic.

Price breakdown: I do need to stress that these prices are not final down to the penny, but should give you a BALLPARK idea of how much it would cost per pound.  Our cost has much to do with what is available, the constantly changing agricultural value of meat, the cost to transport these animals to us, etc.

Sharing a pig: the lower end cuts and sausage will cost about $2.00/# and the higher quality, more coveted cuts (such as tenderloin or chops) will run about $3.50/#.  If you want the fat off a shared pig, this is .50/#.  Remember, we must pay for the full live weight of the pig, regardless of what is used or not.  **THESE PRICES WILL BE POSTED IN EARLY OCTOBER AND MAY CHANGE, ALTHOUGH NOT LIKELY VERY MUCH.

Sausage: if you are interested in this portion, please do indicate so that we know approximately how much to buy of the sausage casings.  The price is approximately $2.00/#. **THESE PRICES ARE POSTED IN OCTOBER AND MAY CHANGE, ALTHOUGH NOT LIKELY VERY MUCH.

For this class, you will need to bring a lunch,  ice, your own cooler, and it is recommended that you bring your own tools (knives, gloves, etc.) so that you can advance at your own pace.  We will be providing the sausage casings, butcher paper and other needed materials as part of the class fee.

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To pay with Venmo, E-invoice, check or money order, please contact us here: