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Sustainable Skills Series: Build Your Own Pantry (Fall 2015)

You’ve heard of the concept, now learn exactly how to create all your essential pantry staples by combining and storing bulk staples to make sure your pantry can get you through anything from a power outage to lean times. You’ll find out how to extend canned or bulk goods and how to properly stock for […]

Sustainable Skills Series: Cheesemaking, Fall 2015

Simple, Delicious, Fresh Cheese. Do you think making cheese is a complicated, mysterious, and labor-intensive process? Would you like to make you own cheese but don’t know where to begin (and might a little intimidated too)? Start here! This class will give you a base of knowledge to work from and break down cheese-making to […]

Forging Primitive Homestead Tools

aka our popular class, The Blacksmith’s Primitive Toolbox, with emphasis on blades or tools most commonly needed for homesteading. Whether you have an urban backyard homestead, or have made the decision to live off-grid and on your own country homestead; tools are a critical part of your daily life.  Also, in a post-disaster situation, tools […]

The Apothecarist’s­­ Kitchen

The Apothecarist’s Kitchen, aka  ‘A Toxin Free Household’ Mass market household cleansing products are laden with toxic chemicals. So-called “natural” alternatives are expensive, and often contain questionable additives. Many people are developing allergies and chemical sensitivities and struggle to find cleaning products that actually work and don’t break the bank. In The Apothecarist’s Kitchen, aka  […]

Make Your Own Apothecary: Toxin Free Body Products

Chemical sensitivity to a barrage of synthetic perfumes, lathering agents and moisturizers extends beyond cleaning products. Shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, lotions and an entire industry of body-care products are filled with chemicals. Learn the very simple basics of making your own products from natural ingredients that are either already in your kitchen, or easy to get. […]

Sustainable Skills Series: Intro To Sewing With A Machine

Do you want to get a sewing machine, but wouldn’t know how to use if you did? Or perhaps you already have a sewing machine, but don’t know where to go from here? This class is for you. Learn: Basic machine functions and maintenance How to set up your machine to sew Troubleshooting common problems […]

The Blacksmith’s Primitive Toolbox

In a post-disaster situation, tools can become very valuable when supplies are not readily available and rebuilding work must go on. Blacksmith and instructor James Brock specializes in turning salvage and scrap metal into workable tools that are strong, built to last and functional. This 2-day workshop will explore building a primitive toolbox, tool by […]