The Apothecarist’s Kitchen, aka  ‘A Toxin Free Household’

Mass market household cleansing products are laden with toxic chemicals. So-called “natural” alternatives are expensive, and often contain questionable additives. Many people are developing allergies and chemical sensitivities and struggle to find cleaning products that actually work and don’t break the bank.


In The Apothecarist’s Kitchen, aka  ‘A Toxin Free Household’, learn how to make your own effective and toxin-free household cleaning supplies for your kitchen, bath, and laundry room.

Students in this class will:

• Learn how to put together a household cleaner “pantry”

• Learn how to make and store a variety of toxin-free cleaners

• Receive a handout packet with class notes and resource guide

• Take home a selection of samples to try


Date: May 16, 1 – 4 pm.

Class Size: Limited to 18

Location: The San Antonio Outdoor Campus, Main Classroom.

Tuition: $35.  *A $10 materials fee is due to the instructor at the start of the class, and covers the samples.

How To Register:

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