Crafting Artisan Herbal Chocolate – January 2019

Learn pure artisan chocolate-making ... with botanicals! What is the best way to infuse rose petals into truffles and which fragrant herbs combine to create decadent, fun and good-for-you chocolate treats? Join Apothecarist and professional chef Heather Skye as she dives into a one-day workshop on the art of blending herbs into artisan chocolate.  Students [...]

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The Art of Blending Medicinal Teas – September 2018

CLICK TO REGISTER This is a fun 3 hour hands-on workshop offered twice a year as part of the Apothecarist and the Provider programs. “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” – Hippocrates One of the simplest forms of creating herbal medicine is making tea infusions.  In a matter of [...]

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Making Herbal Incense: Interactive Online Workshop

REGISTER ONLINE This is an online interactive workshop! You can take this anywhere you have an internet connection. You do not have to be present in our area to take the class! We send out a box of materials to you in advance, and together we'll make several types of herbal incense in the live [...]

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Making Herbal Incense – June 2018

CLICK TO REGISTER Hand-made incense has been a treasured craft as long as humans have tended fires and foraged from the world around them.  Incense has been an important part of spiritual and cleansing rites, used for ceremonies, cleansing the air and creating sacred space. Learn the ancient skill of making your own herbal incense [...]

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Field Dressing, Skinning, Quartering & Packaging a Pig

THIS COURSE HAS SOLD OUT We have changed the way we do our yearly fall harvest class. This year, we will have a one-day class on harvesting a pig from start to freezer, followed by a full-day class on how to build your own smokehouse the following weekend. Instructor Benny Finch will teach all the [...]

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Building The Urban Homestead

Building The Urban Homestead (aka Urban Hunter Gatherer) is a 5-Day intensive course. This is a 5-day intensive course that covers the basics of how to get started on being more self-reliant. Learn about raising your own chickens or rabbits, techniques for growing your own gardens and creating healthier soil, and how to create a [...]

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Smithcraft: An Introduction to Forging Technique (Sept 2015)

This course serves as an introduction to basic primitive black-smithing techniques.  This is an intro level class with no prior experience necessary; however it is also an excellent way to refine technique, correct bad habits, get in needed ‘dirt time’ or the change the way you move with metal. Blacksmithing tools, knives and homestead equipment [...]

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