The Pather Party.

All year long we work together with students on class series, workshops and scenarios.

Our third annual Pather Party is a chance to come together as a community, relax, show off skills you might want to share and introduce your family to ‘what we’ve been doing out here’ and assure them that no, you are not crazy!

Starting around 2 pm on December 20th, the party will be a pather-led celebration of the students. It is a potluck, so bring any food you’d like to share with the group or beverage that you might be brewing, kombucha or otherwise …. and come to relax and enjoy good company. Bring your friends and children.  Everyone is welcome to camp over and avoid a late-night drive home if you choose to drink anything.


In addition, we will have our monthly Barter Experiment around 2:30 pm, and you are welcome to participate in that too!  The barters will resume in mid-January, but this is the last one for 2014 — a chance to get something local, handmade or tasty for your holidays.

Here are some ideas that have been discussed. You are welcome to add anything you want to this and organize it amongst yourselves to make it however you’d like.

  • potluck with a possible hog roast (if someone wants to undertake that, we do have a great protected fire-pit area)
  • one or two students may be bringing home-brewed beverages….
  • music: bring your instruments!
  • story-telling: anybody out there who wants to re-live your inner Renaissance character and channel a bard with old-style stories?
  • games. We don’t have to be Vikings and involve knife-throwing, but if you want to organize a fun game to share with others, there is no better crowd of people for that!
  • nice big bonfire as long as the burn-ban is not in effect


We hope to have as many of you as possible come to this community gathering, and share stories and adventures with each other. Bring your friends and family and make this party a getaway from the normal holiday stress that seems to always be out there.