This is a free online webinar to meetup foragers that register with an email address.  The webinar is an introduction to the more detailed and in-depth course on wild edible foraging, food preparation and preservation to be offered this spring.

Wild Nutrition and Foraging –  Central Texas:  How to obtain the nutrients we have lost in our foods.

During this 2-hour online class, herbalist Sam Coffman will discuss vital nutrients that make their way from the ecosystem to our bodies, and how we can maximize those nutrients in the plants that grow wild in our local biome, as well as plants we can grow in our own cultivated gardens.


Sam will discuss specific edible plants in our Central Texas region, and their nutritional quality.  The class will also cover how to plant and harvest them, the preparation and preservation of the edibles, as well as an overview of plants that can be easily grown in a forest garden environment in Central Texas.

Sam will outline basic steps involved both in foraging locally, as well as creating a forest garden with enhanced nutrient-dense natural and raw foods.

Registered students that attend the webinar will have an online document they can download that provides a listing of regional plants for wild edible forest gardens.

How To Register:

To get access to this free webinar, you must RSVP on our Meetup page