The Wilderness Herbal First Responder is over 80 hours of Wilderness First Aid combined with remote and post-disaster herbalism. The WHFR also includes a 32-hour WFA certification card through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI).

This is the merging of the worlds of remote or post-disaster medicine (“ditch medicine”) with the world of herbalism and includes most of the herbal information and all (plus some) of the hands-on experience of the Herbal Medic Basic course. PLUS, this course includes all of the wilderness first responder curriculum that allows the student to be a competent first aid provider right from the get-go in the case of illness, injury or even chronic health issue.








This course is geared toward a number of different types of students:

• The outdoor enthusiast, camp counselor, outdoor recreational employee who wants in-depth training on injury and illness management in the field.

• The camper, hiker or rock-climber who wants more much more intensive learning, geared toward outdoor environments, than a standard first aid course.

• The prepper (disaster preparedness) who wants to be self-sufficient medically and not even necessarily reliant on orthodox pharmaceuticals.

• The herbalist who wants higher intensity training across the board from wilderness first aid to herbal medicine in a remote environment.

• The emergency medicine professional who wants to expand his/her horizons into indefinite medical care that includes botanical medicines (field herbalism).


What would you do if there WAS no “higher definitive medical care?”
In most severe natural disasters, the hospitals and clinics are the first buildings to be ransacked for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.  In a true primitive environment, you might not have any medications or pharmaceuticals available to you for hours, days, weeks or even months.

The Human Path Wilderness Herbal First Responder course combines the savvy of Special Forces field medicine (aka “ditch medicine”) together with 20+ years of clinical herbalism experience in the field, on the street and in a clinical environment.

The WHFR includes a Wilderness First Responder manual as well as a Wilderness Herbal First Responder Manual (written by Sam Coffman) and is highly geared toward hands-on learning while combining plant medicine with primitive field first aid situations that are specific to both remote and post-disaster situations where there the care may need to last for an unknown amount of time.  Local plant identification, preparation, preservation and usage is a part of this class, along with learning a basic material medica of over 50 medicinal plants, clinical assessment procedures, patho-physiology geared toward plant-medicine options and much more.


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Dates: March 21 – 30th, 2016

Location: San Antonio campus and Texas hill country area

Tuition Cost:  Early Bird Special until 12/31/15 is $850.  Tuition will then rise to $900 for 10-day course and includes all materials and 3 textbooks.

*Tuition installment plans are available upon request.

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