Sustainable Skills Series: Botanical Dyes from Nature

Natural dyes in seductive colors are available from the garden, from the trail and from the forests.  You can create stunning colors from kitchen produce scraps or from a foraging trip to the greenbelt.  This class will cover the basic principles of dyes and the process of dying fabric, as well as the tools needed. Student will receive a packet of notes, information, and recipes to take home.


This is an introduction class to the art of dying fabric with naturally sourced dyes from items you have in your kitchen and garden. While there are an abundance of synthetic dyes that create vibrant, colorfast hues, they can be toxic. Using naturally-sourced dyes connects the artist with the seasons and local environment in a way unlike anything else.

Natural dyes are a small revolution against conformity, and each batch is unique.


Date: June 6,  9 am to noon.

Location: The Herban Path, 602 W. French Place in San Antonio.

Tuition: $35, includes a packet of notes, information, and recipes to take home.

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