Building The Urban Homestead (aka Urban Hunter Gatherer) is a 5-Day intensive course.

This is a 5-day intensive course that covers the basics of how to get started on being more self-reliant. Learn about raising your own chickens or rabbits, techniques for growing your own gardens and creating healthier soil, and how to create a food pharmacy of preserved goods, medicinal herbs and repurposed tools, whether you live in the country or in an urban environment.

For full discussion of the topics covered in The Urban Homestead course, please visit the course catalog description.

backyard homesteading

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You will leave this 5-day intensive course with a foundation of the homesteading basics that are necessary to be self-sustainable and prepared.  Lunches and a homesteading manual are included.

How To Register:

Tuition is $550/person or 2 for $1,000.00.


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