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The Scout, Level 1 5-Day Course

The Path of the Scout is the path of awareness and a deeper connection to the mind. Scouts are the eyes and the ears of a team, which means not only the ability to observe, but often the ability to remain undetected or blend into whatever the baseline is, in both urban and wilderness environments.


Scouts learn basic and advanced land navigation techniques (map and compass orienteering), stealth and long-distance movement over varied terrains, long-range and strategic security, awareness and stealth, remote cache sites, hidden shelters and fire, advanced camouflage and reconnaissance. Scouts also are briefly introduced to an urban environment from the perspective of having to move through an urban area (using green belts, parks and drainage systems, etc.). In this regard they are introduced to the concepts of urban caches, urban (vehicular) surveillance and urban baselines.


For full course curriculum and description, visit our Course Catalog

Materials provided:   Students are responsible for their own meals over this 5-day course. Access to a student field kitchen are available. Because of the night-time exercises, camping is required for the course.

Class tuition is $550. A $250 deposit is required to register.  Tuition is due before course begins in March.

Pairs’ Discount: 2 for $1,000.  To receive discount, tuitions must be paid in full, in advance.


PRE-REQUISITE: Students must have taken, or enrolled in the Primitive Core Basic to sign up.

Course must have a minimum of 5 students.

Class location may vary, depending on exercises.

A packing list will go out prior to the first class

5-Day Intensive Course Dates: March 16 – 2oth.

The Scout Level 1 5-Day Course is also part of the Scout Immersion Studies. For details, visit the Immersion Program page.


A packing list will be posted in advance for everyone signed up.

We will start by 9AM sharp on Monday the 16th and be finished by 3PM on Friday at latest. Arriving Sunday evening and camping out that night is fine if you are not already doing the full 2-week program. You MUST stay over each night.  We will likely be working well past dark.


How To Register:

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