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Primitive Hunter Gatherer Level 1 Course

During our 2 week immersion through both our level 1 and level 2 hunter gatherer experience, you will be challenged to learn and experience the world of survival in a way that will help you not only learn to survive, but to fully engage and thrive in your natural environment, while also experiencing a deeper connection to the natural world that sustains us.

Additionally, you will be placed into a situation where your survival skills are tested.

The full level 1 and level 2 experience together is a 24/7 immersion program that starts on Monday morning [12/1/14] and finishes Sunday at noon [12/12/14] with a one-night break in between level 1 and level 2.

During this immersion course you will be allowed to bring some basic survival items, but one at a time these will be taken away as you rapidly develop primitive skills and learn to move from mentality of “surviving” to “thriving” in the wilderness.


The first 5 days of this immersion experience are spent learning and refining the core skills of the hunter gatherer both from the physical perspective as mental and cultural.

In a highly hands-on, 24/7 environment, you will learn and improve your skills in the areas of:

·         Survival strategies

·         Basic Stone tool manufacturing (flint knapping)

·         Fire making (bow drill, hand drill, fire plow, tinder, structures, etc.)

·         Natural cordage (leaves, bark, rootlets, animal sinew)

·         Water (locating, collecting, purifying and storing)

·         Survival shelter (natural, debris hut, wiki up)

·         Useful plants of Texas (identification and harvest of wild edibles and simple medicinals)

·         Primitive hunting & trapping (throwing sticks, survival bows, deadfalls, snares, etc.)

·         Primitive fishing techniques (spears, weirs, hooks, line and nets)

·         Skinning, cleaning and preparing wild game (ex: crayfish, fish, birds, small game such as squirrel, porcupine, rabbit and raccoon)

·         Basic Primitive cooking techniques



Pre-Requisites: none


Tuition Breakdown for the Course:

COURSE NAME                                                                          COURSE PRICE

Hunter Gatherer Level 1  (5-day)     (12/1-12/5)                           $550

Hunter Gatherer Level 1 (re-do)       (12/1 – 12/5)                        $250

Solo Testing Experience (2-day)       (12/6 – 12/7)                       $100

Hunter Gatherer Level 2 (7-day)       (12/8 – 12/14)                     $700

The Hunter Gatherer Immersion Program offers a discount for taking the full course from 12/1 through 12/14.

To find out more, visit the Immersion Studies page here.


How To Register for Level 1:

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