The Medic: Water Rescue

In September of 2018, more than 90 people were rescued from floodwaters following Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.  In May 2015, the Blanco River rose over thirteen inches overnight in a flood that surprised and devastated the community of Wimberly, TX.

Many emergency rescue skills can be forgotten if you don’t use them on a regular basis.  In the panic of an emergency or finding someone in distress in the water, it is easy to forget safe rescue techniques and potentially put yourself in danger trying to help.

This is an introduction 4-hour hands-on workshop where we will discuss what to expect in a water rescue situation, how to safely assist someone injured in the water and tools you can use in an emergency.   Students will get practice running through training to become familiar with the methods to get a victim to dry land safely.

We will cover:

  • Submersion and immersion victims
  • Hypothermia: what to do
  • Basic CPR protocol For Drowning Victims (NOT CPR certification)
  • Protecting the c-spine in the water
  • Patient extrication and movement
  • Rescuer safety precautions
  • Throw bags and ropes
  • Rescue knots
  • Basic River Fording Methods
  • Hands-on practice in a controlled environment

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