*This course will be offered twice a year.

This is an interactive online course. Classes are held via webinar every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7PM to 9PM Central Standard Time. Additionally, there are approximately 2 hours (or less) of assignments per week.  The Winter session will cover 12 weeks material over the winter/spring session.  There will be a break at the mid-point for ongoing seasonal classes at the school.

Start Date: January 6th (Tuesday)
End Date: April 23rd (Thursday)

Weeks 1 – 6:  January 6th – February 19th (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)

Weeks 7 – 12: March 23rd – April 23rd (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)

herbal tinctures

Materials Included: Approximately 15-18 packets of dried medicinal herbs that are used in the making of tinctures, salves and syrups as a class, cheesecloth. CD that contains written handouts (in PDF form).
Also included is full online access to the current self-directed online course which includes over 25 hours of video, audio, PDF and other resources.
Materials you must provide at the appropriate point in the course: Olive and/or Coconut oil (approximately 2 cups total), Raw Honey (approximately 1 cup), 80 – 100 proof Alcohol (approximately 2 cups), Mason or other canning jar, basic cooking equipment (stainless steel pans and/or crockpot, strainer, measuring cup, spoons, etc.)

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Course Tuition: $425, includes herbal preparation materials shipped to students.

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