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Off-Grid Permaculture

Off-Grid Permaculture Planet-Builders – 2 Day Class

In this class, we will acknowledge the sustainability challenges of our current society, but focus most of our time on the real, powerful solutions to these challenges through the introduction of Permaculture (Permanent Culture.)  Come enjoy hands-on, in-class and outdoor Permaculture driven activities, outdoor projects, thought-provoking small group discussions and classroom Planet-Builder training.  And because the Permaculturist is first and foremost the visionary/ designer/ builder of her community, we will explore permaculture principles and procedures to transition your home to a safe, functional, locally-reliant and comfortable place.  Bring a friend or neighbor to the class as well to multiply your local effort.


This class is an opportunity to learn how to take back control of your basic resource needs to live healthy, sustainable lives, as well as a good introduction to the way of the Permaculture Planet Builder as taught by The Human Path.

Class Topics Covered:

·  Permaculture History, Ethics and Principles

·  Permaculture Aims and Empowerment

·  What does it mean to be a “Permaculture Planet Builder?”  How important is this role in our community?

·  The coming “Punctual Event” in our human evolutionary timeline and how to transition through it as a leader.

·  Sustainable solutions to the challenge of securing our basic needs of Power, Water, Food and Shelter.

·  Recycling/ Repurposing cycles in your home

·  Tour of the Human Path Eco Village/ Permaculture Garden

·  Ecosystems (Types, Elements, Flow, Microclimates, Cycling)

·  Soil Management – The importance of Composting & how to make compost

·  Permaculture Design Process Basics– Vision, Objectives, Stakeholders, Elements, Base Map, Flow Map, Bubble Map, Review of Principles, Final Site Design & Presentation

·  Energy – Renewable vs. Non-renewable, harnessing the flow, Our energy usage needs

·  Water – Conservation, Harvesting/ re-use potential at your home, In soak vs. Runoff, Techniques for keeping the water longer for multiple uses

·  Permaculture Gardening in Central Texas – growing seasons, native plants, companion planting, patterns in Nature (Guilds), multiple functionality, Class Keyhole Gardening project

·  Guild Identification

·  Natural/ Green Building

·  Animals:  Chickens and Ducks (food, fertilizer, companionship, pest control)

·  Keyhole Garden Building Project

·  Permaculture Resources- websites, books, authors, design resources, local communities and social connections

·  The Permaculture Planet Builder’s Toolbox

·  The Permaculture Community

Addition class information is available online. A gear list will go out to students prior to the course.

Class Information

Tuition:  $150/person or 2 for $275, includes a home-cooked lunch and handouts on both class days.

Camping is available for all registered students.

Class will run 9 am – 4:30 pm both days.


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