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This is an online course. You can take this anywhere you have an internet connection. You do not have to be present in our area to take the course!

Understanding Herbal Constituents & Plant Chemistry is now available in ten online modules. Each module is three weeks long and can be taken independently one at a time, or as the full program.

Terpenoids 1: Terpenophenolics, Introduction to Terpenoids, Essential Oil Constituents, Safety & Toxicology; Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes & Sesquiterpene Lactones

The first of two modules on the terpenoids, which includes the terpenophenolics (cannabinoids) and other terpenoids in Cannabis. Overview of the terpenoid subclasses: monoterpenes & sesquiterpenes (in EO). Composition, safety & toxicology of essential oils. EO constituents with antiseptic and GI activities. Sesquiterpene lactones, the bitter subgroup of sesquiterpenes.

Module 8 Details:

    • Terpenophenolic compounds: the phytocannabinoids
    • Synergy among phytocannabinoids & other terpenoids in Cannabis
    • Physiological actions of Cannabis terpenoids
    • Overview of the terpenoids & their importance to human health
    • Subcategories of terpenoids include monoterpenes, monoterpene lactones & iridoids, sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpene lactones, diterpenes, triterpenes, tetraterpenes
    • Terpenoid composition of essential oils
    • Safety & toxicology of essential oils: dilution, dosage, potentially toxic constituents (e.g., pulegone, methyl salicylate, thujone)
    • Essential oil constituents with antiseptic activity & their occurrence
    • Essential oil constituents with activity on the gastrointestinal system & their occurrence
    • Essential oil constituents in Citrus & their activities
    • Sesquiterpenes: structure, occurrence, physiological activities
    • Sesquiterpene lactones: bitter principles – structure, occurrence, allergenic potential

This three week module includes:

    • Two 2-hour recorded webinars with Lisa Ganora
    • One live Q & A session with Lisa Ganora
    • Four videos (from live classes)
    • Two PowerPoint presentations
    • One detailed handout on Cannabis terpenoids
    • Five detailed study guides
    • Two quizzes
    • Two assignments
    • Access to live Office Hours & Discussion Forum

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