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Primitive Hunter Gatherer Level 2 Course: 2015

Primitive Hunter Gatherer Level 2 Course is a 5-Day complete immersion course that follows the 5-Day Hunter Gatherer Level 1 complete immersion course (11/30 – 12/4) and the Solo Experience (12/5 – 12/6).  For students that have already completed Level 1 and the Solo Experience, studies will begin on 12/7.


During our 2 week immersion through both our level 1 and level 2 hunter gatherer experience, you will be challenged to learn and experience the world of survival in a way that will help you not only learn to survive, but to fully engage and thrive in your natural environment, while also experiencing a deeper connection to the natural world that sustains us.

Additionally, you will be placed into a situation where your survival skills are tested.

The full level 1 and level 2 experience together is a 24/7 immersion program that starts on Monday morning and finishes Sunday at noon with a one-night break in between level 1 and level 2.

During this immersion course you will be allowed to bring some basic survival items, but one at a time these will be taken away as you rapidly develop primitive skills and learn to move from mentality of “surviving” to “thriving” in the wilderness.



After part of an afternoon and one night off, those who are taking level 2 hunter gatherer will be able to immerse themselves in 7 more days of intensive primitive skills training starting Monday morning.  Level 2 will include:


·         Drying, smoking & preserving meats; pemmican making

·         Advanced Stone Tool work

·         Improving Level 1 skills as we practice them daily

·         Advanced food preparation/cooking techniques

·         Large Game harvesting and preparation

·         Bone tool making (tweezers, fish hooks, awls, arrowheads)

·         Wildlife tracking (identifying tracks and sign found in the field)

·         Natural navigation (circumpolar, landmarks, celestial)

·         Yucca basketry (twined, checker weave, & coil techniques)

·         Brain tanning demonstration (graining, fleshing, braining, softening, smoking)

·         Survival on the move – the walkabout and understanding new ecosystems.  Taking our primitive camp to new locations.


Pre-requisites: Hunter Gatherer Level 1 and the Solo Testing Experience


Tuition Breakdown for the Course:

COURSE NAME                                                      COURSE PRICE

Hunter Gatherer Level 1  (5-day)  (11/30 – 12/4)   $550

Hunter Gatherer Level 1 (re-do) (11/30 – 12/4)   $250

Solo Testing Experience (2-day)  (12/5 – 12/6)       $100

Hunter Gatherer Level 2 (7-day)  (12/7 – 12/13)   $700


The Hunter Gatherer Immersion Program offers a discount for taking the full course from 11/30 – 12/4/15. 

To find out more, visit the Immersion Studies page here.


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