Simple, Delicious, Fresh Cheese.

Do you think making cheese is a complicated, mysterious, and labor-intensive process? Would you like to make you own cheese but don’t know where to begin (and might a little intimidated too)? Start here!


This class will give you a base of knowledge to work from and break down cheese-making to its most basic tools and practices to create a variety of cheeses in an hour or less! This class will consist of a little bit of lecture, and then we’ll make (and eat) a couple of cheeses so you can see how easy it really can be.

You will learn:

•What equipment is used for cheesemaking

• How to make your own cheese from just a couple of ingredients

• What materials you can improvise with to make your own  gear

• Some creative ideas you can use for flavorful cheese once you know the basics.

• Basic differences in types of milk that can make different types of cheeses.

• Learn about how making cheese is a food preservation method.


Freshly made cheese snacks will be made and served in this 3-hour class.



Date: March 7, 9 am – 12:00 pm.

Class Size: Limited to 10

Location: The Human Path Outdoor Campus, San Antonio

Main Classroom.

Tuition: $35, includes freshly created cheese to snack on during the class.

How To Register:

This class is full.