If there is social collapse due to natural disaster, economic instability, civil unrest or any other myriad of potential triggers, how do you make the decision to bug out and get to a safer environment? Whether from home to a bug-out location or relative’s house, or from office, school or public location to home, or even having to leave your car and travel on foot to home or some other safer location, this class will prepare you to handle even the worst case scenarios.

Just as importantly, once you have made the decision, what preparation will serve you best in getting yourself and your loved ones out of the danger of the immediate area?

post disaster preparedness

Follow up this class the next day (camp overnight or come back the next day) with Dennis Fivecoat’s firearms introduction class part 1 (discount available if you register for both). If you have not yet had the privilege of taking a shooting and firearms class with Dennis, I highly recommend it. He is a superb instructor and will be covering the basics of selecting, maintaining and using pistols, rifles and shotguns, ballistics, optics, etc., with lots of hands-on and a good chance to experience the breaking down and handling of a number of various firearms.

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Tuition: $50 in advance or $65 at the start of the class.

Take the full weekend (January 17/18th) for $100 or $130 at the start of the class.

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