This is a 2-hour introduction to the role that mushrooms play in wild edibles and foraging, both for food and medicinally.  A full 2-day course will follow in January to offer an in-depth look at wild nutrition, mycology, and foraging.

Mushrooms For Food, Medicine and Soil Restoration.


This course will give students a glimpse of the vast range of mushroom topics, functions, historical significance and multi-faceted ecological importance, as well as its role within the surrounding eco-system.  Students will go home with an information handout that includes links to further resources for learning.

Students will learn about:

Why do bees live in trees?

What is fungus and what is a mushroom?

Brief history of mycology/modern development of human perspectives on fungus

Humans and Fungus: Our deep anthropological connection and evolutionary links

Various functions of mushrooms in the environment

Medicinal and nutritional value for humans and the ecosphere

The awe-inspiring answer to why bees live in trees


Cost: $5 if paid in advance, or $10 at the start of the class.

Class Size: Limited to 26 students

Date: Sunday December 14th, 1 – 3 pm

Location:  Our San Antonio Campus, Main Classroom.

*it is recommended to bring a comfortable camp chair to sit in.

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