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Wild Forest Foraging, Mushrooms, and Nutrition 1 – A 2 Day Course

This is a 2-day course on forest gardening, wild nutrition, regional plant and mushroom identification, cultivation and therapeutic usage. The course will delve into wild edibles from seed to plant to the table, with preservation and medicinal aspects covered.  Students will sample wild edible foods, and go home with their own seedlings or mushroom spores to begin their own forest garden.

There will probably be some outdoor plant identification (depending on weather and winter plants that are identifiable), as well as a few outdoor demonstrations of gardening, composting and soil remediation techniques, so wear appropriate clothing to be outside for about an hour.

On the second day of class, students will learn about how mushrooms can be an important wild foraged food and medicinal source.

Sunday’s class on mycology will include:

– Basic mushroom ID and hunting guidelines, followed by a Texas native mushrooms scavenger hunt

– Mycoremediation basics, including mycelium’s ability to clean up, rehabilitate and create soil, as well as cycle soil nutrients efficiently- walkabout demo to follow.

– In-depth discussion and examples of how and why mushrooms play such a vital and unique role in health, not only for ecosystems but also for humans

– Home-scale cultivation methods.  Michael will share tips for successful cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.  Students will view mycelium growing on various substrates.



Dates: 9 to 5 pm, February 21 – 22nd, 2015.

Location: San Antonio Outdoor Campus, Main Classroom

Class Size: Limited to 25.

Tuition:  $75 each day or $130 for the full weekend

Discount:  $120 for students who have attended the Dec. 14th class: Mushrooms For Food, Medicine and Soil Restoration

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