It’s the day after Halloween.  You’ve raised the DEAD, now raise a ROOF.

On November 1st and 2nd (Sat and Sun), the Human Path HOBBIT HOUSE is getting a roof and we’re inviting YOU to come out to learn how we’re doing it, help us build it and hang out with cool people.

To RSVP, visit the Meetup Page.


If you’ve always wondered how to build a roof with a reciprocating or center point roof style…this is the place to get instruction and hands-on experience using all natural Ashe Juniper (cedar) logs.  No books or videos here…just in-person, hands-on learning.  Anyone can come and although it’s free, we hope you’ll donate $10 towards the breakfast and lunch we’ll have for you.

A perma-home-blitz is a hands-on workshop designed to help build a natural, sustainable home while teaching others how to do the same.

This event needs volunteers to make this dream happen. Come out to learn how to build a Hobbit Home and get some instructional and hands-on in how to build two different roof styles (center point and reciprocating).

David Prickett, Manager of The Human Path EcoVillage will be heading this Perma-home-blitz and sharing his brand of sustainable housing with you. Special guest instructor/ speaker Jason Shrader, a local permaculture/ sustainable builder will also be presenting.  Make sure you register soon.

Register NOW, because we want to make sure and plan our food needs accurately.  We have room for a maximum of 20 people, although we will be having future “Perma-home-blitzes” as well to build the straw-bale perimeter walls and the cob inner walls (including a glass bottle shower!)  If you commit, please make sure and be there as we are anticipating having a lot more interest in this even than we have room for.  Ok…so here’s is a picture of the Hobbit House design and what we will be doing on Nov. 1st and 2nd.


**BYOH > Bring your own hobbit!


8:00am – Arrive/ Breakfast/ Coffee/ Sign-in

8:30am  – Hobbit Home Site Tour / Home Design review

9:00am – “How To Build a Hobbit House Center Point Roof” instructional (great time to take notes)

9:30am – 1st Phase Roof-Raising Plan review and work assignments (Oval)

10:00am to 5pm – 1st Phase Roof-Raising:  Erecting 22 natural log roof rafters on the Oval (main) portion of the house in center point fashion, securing them to the center post platform disc.

5pm – Clean-up and review of tomorrow’s Phase 2 Roof-Raising

TENT CAMPING AVAILABLE on-site for anyone wishing to stay the night


9:00am – Arrive/ Breakfast/ Coffee/ Sign-in

9:30am – “How to Build a Hobbit House Reciprocating Roof” instructional (great time to take notes)

10:00am – 2nd Phase Roof-Raising Plan review and work assignments (Circle)

10:30am – 5pm – 2nd Phase Roof-Raising:  Erecting 14 natural log roof rafters on the circular (bedroom) portion of the house in reciprocating fashion (layered) and securing them to each other.

5pm – Clean-up and Admiration


To RSVP, visit the Meetup Page.