This is a tactical movement class to complement the E & E part 2 class on Saturday.  If you add weapons into the mix, how do you move, react and work as a team while under attack?

By the end of this class you will understand basic tactics for a small group of people who are moving from one location to another through potentially hostile environments (i.e. “bugging out”).  This type of training is called “Small Unit Tactics” in the military, and this 1-day class will introduce you to the most fundamental and critical aspects of small unit tactics. Airsoft weapons will be used and provided.  The class fee covers the cost of weapon rental and ammunition for the scenario training.

Class1-May19 011

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Tuition: $70 in advance or $85 at the start of the class.

Take the full weekend (February 14/15) for $120 or $150 at the start of the classes.

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