The most important rule in firearm use is SAFETY. Right behind that is ACCURACY. No matter how fast you are, you can’t miss fast enough! There is really only one skill that will save your life and your loved ones – Don’t Miss!


This course will have a main focus of improving your marksmanship. Whether you are a beginning shooter or an experienced firearm instructor, you need this course! You will learn skill-building drills to shoot more accurately than you thought possible. We will use the same techniques used by world class shooters to safely jumpstart your accuracy through the roof ! By the end of this course, you will know how to practice yourself or teach others how to shoot more accurately.

Students will need to provide their own pistols, holsters and ammo for the class. This will be a hands-on training done on the range at our school.


How To Register:

Tuition is $80/person or $150 for a pair.

To use a credit card, visit our Square Store.

To use Paypal, visit our Meetup page.

To register using a check or money order, send us an email at: