Many people carry a knife, but how many have done any training on how to best use it?  In close quarters with the threat of an edged weapon, this 5 hour introductory class is designed to give basic techniques to help you on the ground or in a high stress situation where you need to defend yourself.  You do not need to be law enforcement in order to take this class.
This 5-hour class is a primer for a longer 2-day intensive course, Patriot Knife Fighting, taught by martial arts instructor Tom Howanic.


Specifically designed for law enforcement and security personnel.

Utilizes a small skill set for multiple situations.

The techniques are low maintenance.  Years of constant practice are not necessary.

The techniques will work against any type of edged weapon from a large hunting knife to a razor blade.

The program addresses edged weapons defense on the ground should you end up there.

This program was designed by knife fighting experts who understand the blade and the techniques will work under stress.

This is NOT a knife fighting course.  This course is designed to teach a police officer or security personnel a series of practical techniques to either takedown and restrain or disengage and deploy a firearm.


This course has also been taught to the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, St. Petersburg Police Academy, and the IALEFI Conference in Amarillo TX 2014.

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About The Instructor:

Thomas Howanic is the chief instructor of Alpha Krav Maga of Universal City (Patriot Martial Arts).  He has practiced the martial arts since the 1980s and is the owner of his own San Antonio-area school.  Full instructor information is available on his website here

Here is a list of just a few of his ranks and certifications:

Certified Alpha Krav Maga Coach level 3

5th Degree Black Belt in Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu (Master Rank)

3rd Degree Black Belt in Premeir Martial Arts

Black Belt in Free Style Jujitsu

Black Belt in Bujinkan Ninjutsu

Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

3rd degree Blue Belt of Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Master Instructor of Malaya Eskrima

Instructor of Cabales Serrada Eskrima

Instructor of Sina Tirsia Wali Kali

Instructor of Apache Combat Knife Fighting