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Doula Certification Program – Module 1 (Fall 2015)


The focus of this training is unique for Doula Certification Courses. The Human Path Doula/Emergency Birth Worker Course is more than the practical skills and knowledge to support a woman during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.   Additionally, this course covers the Emergency Birth Worker role and herbal support during the childbearing year. For full certification requirements, please read below.

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Goals of The Human Path Doula/Birth Worker Training:

  1. Create Doulas who are prepared to support their community. At the completion of the course THP Doula will be ready to start working as a doula as an independent or with an organization/group for income or as a volunteer.
  2. Create Doula/Herbalists who are proficient in herbal support during the childbearing year. At the completion of the course THP Doula will be able to provide herbal counseling for women during the childbearing year.
  3. Create Emergency Birth Workers who are ready and trained to support their community during a disaster or SHTF situation. At completion of the program THP Doula will be able to provide Disaster Relief as a Doula/Emergency Birth Worker
  4. Create a group of Doula/Emergency Birth Workers who are willing to assist at The Human Path relief programs. At the completion of the course THP Doula will be able to assist in THP programs.


Those who successfully complete the program will be prepared to provide Doula support to a woman and her family during prenatal, birth and postpartum. As the graduate will have a strong foundation as an herbalist specializing in the childbearing year, herbal services can be intertwined with services as a Doula.


DOULA MODULE 1 – (interactive live webinar on-line) 5-weeks – (T/TH evenings 7-9pm central time)

The primary subjects covered include:

  • Introduction to Doula work. THP Doula, Global aspects of doulas, Doula job description, Role of Doula, Scope of Practice, Ethics. Doula interview skills, informed choice, informed consent..
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Doulas, Maternal adaptation to Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum. Herbal, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Antepartum Doula Work. Standards of Prenatal Care, Lab Review for Doulas, Prenatal Meetings with clients. Working with client’s care provider. Lifestyle, nutritional and herbal recommendations for prenatal complaints review.
  • Labor and Birth. Physiology labor and birth, Medical model vs Holistic Stages of Labor, Mechanisms of Labor.   Doula Labor Support, comfort techniques in labor, relaxation techniques, doula bag, physical, and emotional needs of laboring women, Mindset of Labor, cultural aspects of labor.
  • Birth Doula Work Herbal Recommendations during pregnancy, appropriate materia medica and repertory for prenatal, birth and postpartum. Doula relaxation techniques and comfort measures. THP Doula and Herbs, limitations and legalities of herbal work as a Doula,

Mentoring with Midwife and Herbalist Katia LeMone: (2 hours) one-to-one mentoring by phone or Skype with Katia.


Module 1 is a 5-week online course, as part of The Human Path Doula Certification Program.
Classes are held via live webinar. All webinars are recorded and available for download usually by the end of the next day in the Online Classroom (along with other course documents). Student will have full access to the Online Classroom throughout the course where recorded webinars, documents, videos and other class resources are posted through the class.
Students will have full access to recorded webinars, documents, videos and resources through the online classroom and for 30 days after the last class.

The full Doula Program is listed online. Look at the program and upcoming dates for this> Full Doula Program



Doula Module 2, online interactive course.

Doula Module 3, 16-hour on-site hands on course.

Women’s Herbal Health: Maiden to Crone Herb Health
Pediatric Herbal Medicine
Pregnancy through emergency Birth (MHTF – Meconium Hit the Fan)



Online Herbal Medic Basic Course – 70 hours

Meconium Hit the Fan Birth Worker Online Course (Pregnancy through Emergency Birth)– 16 hours



Dates:  9/22 through 10/22, 2015, with 10/27 & 10/29 set aside as make-up dates

Tuesday/Thursday evenings, 7 to 9 pm central time

Location:  This is an online course, and is fully interactive.



Module 1 (5 week course): $200.  Early Bird Tuition is $175 until 9/18/15.

Modules 1 and 2 (5 weeks each) together: $350.  Early Bird Tuition is $300 until 9/18/15.

Modules 1, 2 and 3 bundled together: $460 *plus facility fee for Module 3.  Early Bird Tuition is $410 until 9/18.

*Completion of all 3 modules and course requirements will carry a Doula certification from The Human Path Doula Program in coordination with “All Natural Birth”, led by midwife and herbalist, Katia LeMone.

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