DOULA MODULE 3 (on-site) – 16 hours On Site Skills Class

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

A two-day class review of practical skills for Doulas/Emergency Birth Worker including Prenatal Skills, Labor and Birth Support, Postpartum Support Doula and Emergency Birth skills. Successful completion is based of one-to-one evaluation and participation in scenarios.


The focus of this training is unique for Doula Courses. The Human Path Doula/Emergency Birth Worker Course is more than the practical skills and knowledge to support a woman during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.   Additionally, this course covers the Emergency Birth Worker role and herbal support during the childbearing year.

 doula teaching sibling about baby-sm

Goals of The Human Path Doula/Birth Worker Training:

  1. Create Doulas who are prepared to support their community. At the completion of the course THP Doula will be ready to start working as a doula as an independent or with an organization/group for income or as a volunteer.
  2. Create Doula/Herbalists who are proficient in herbal support during the childbearing year. At the completion of the course THP Doula will be able to provide herbal counseling for women during the childbearing year.
  3. Create Emergency Birth Workers who are ready and trained to support their community during a disaster or SHTF situation. At completion of the program THP Doula will be able to provide Disaster Relief as a Doula/Emergency Birth Worker
  4. Create a group of Doula/Emergency Birth Workers who are willing to assist at The Human Path relief programs. At the completion of the course THP Doula will be able to assist in THP programs.


Those who successfully complete the program will be prepared to provide Doula support to a woman and her family during prenatal, birth and postpartum. As the graduate will have a strong foundation as an herbalist specializing in the childbearing year, herbal services can be intertwined with services as a Doula.



Tuition is $110, plus a small facilities fee paid to the instructor at the start of the training

Location:  Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Directions will be emailed to registered students in advance.



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