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Cooking With Wild Edibles, Part 1 (San Antonio)

Foraging can vary a great deal, depending on what your environment is, the time of year, what animals live in the area that might have cleared out an area first and what grows naturally in abundance.


Learning foraging and cooking with wild edibles is a popular topic for those interested in primitive living skills.  As part of the ongoing seasonal survival series, we are offering a 2-hour course that will cover wild edible plant identification as well as cooking with harvested wild foods.  We will have samples for everyone to try and recipes to go home with you so that you can go out and try this on your own right away!

This class will cover between 10 – 12 wild edible plants, and will include a plant walk.

This class is $20 at the time of the class, and covers the materials needed to prepare the wild foods for the class. If you RSVP and pay in advance, the class is only $15.

Part 2 will be held later in the spring in a different location and cover other plants not already included in Part 1.

Foraging and cooking with wild edibles fall under the path of the Hunter-Gatherer. This is one of 5 paths we offer in the core-curriculum of The Human Path.  The other 4 paths are:  Primitive Engineer, Combat Medic, Scout/Spy and Leader.

It is crucial to both be able to recognize and identify whether a plant is edible (or toxic), as well as to understand the variations between edibility or toxicity that may be related to heating (cooking) wild food.  In this regard, we will spend the first half of the class identifying and discussing some of the most plentiful and nutrient-rich, wild foods in the vicinity.  The second half of the class will be spent discussing recipes for wild foods found in central TX, as well as sharing some of those foods with the class.

As insects are an excellent source of wild protein we may include some insects as well in the recipes and samples.


Class Information:

Date: Monday March 23rd, 6 pm.

Location:  In Olmos Basin Park at picnic park area.

105 Dick Friedrich Dr, San Antonio, TX 78212

Cost:  $15 in advance to reserve your spot.

Class Size: 28.  *Spaces will only be reserved for those who have pre-registered.

How To Register:

To sign up using a credit card, visit our Square store.

To pay using Paypal, visit our Meetup page.

To pay with Venmo, E-invoice, check or money order, please contact us here: