The Human Path is pleased to pair with Patriot Martial Arts to offer the Patriot Knife Fighting System. This is a 2-day intensive course that will cover 3 modules of training to include a blend of Native American Apache knife fighting, Filipino knife fighting, and the Raven Method of Fernan Vargas. 

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This course addresses many aspects edged weapons combat.

Topics covered include:

• long, medium, and close range fighting

• Stalemate solutions and ground knife fighting

• Long knife and tactical folder

• Ambush and offensive knife fighting.


Upon completion, students will be certified by Patriot Martial Arts as basic instructors.

This class is $150 for both days instruction, and includes the certification at the end.

How To Register:

To register using a credit card, visit our Square store.

To register using Paypal, go to our Meetup page.

To sign up using a check or money order, please email us at: