This is a 12 hour online course, taught over 3 weeks on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  It will include (six) 2-hour webinars with audio and video files on essential assessment techniques for a clinic session.  *See below for more information about the rest of the clinical assessment module. 


Students will learn essential techniques and specific tests that can be easily performed in the clinic, at home or in the field to assist in physical assessment of critical injury and illness:

• Musculoskeletal (tests for knee, ankle, shoulder, back, elbow and general extremity injuries)

• Respiratory (stethoscope use and breath sounds)

• Cardiovascular (stethoscope use and heart sounds)

• Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat (including otoscope and ophthalmoscope use), introduction to tongue diagnosis

• Skin, hair and nails (to include fingernail abnormalities as an assessment tool)

• Abdomen (including palpation and auscultation)

• Nervous system (mental status, behavior, head injury, stroke assessment, motor reflexes and sensory system)



About the Clinical Assessment Module: The clinical/physical assessment module is a 20 class hours.  8 hours are on-site (in San Antonio) during a one-week hands-on segment of the course- a full day of applying all the physical assessment skills that we learn and cover online.

Who can take this course?  This class is open to anyone, and has no pre-requisite.  For those who are working on completion of the Clinical Herbal Medic program, full program details are on our Clinical Herbal Medicine Program page here

Course Schedule:  The course is every Monday/Wednesday evening from February 2 – 18th, 2015

Location: This is an online interactive course. Enrolled students will receive online acess to videos, webinars, homework and study materials prior to the start of the course.

Tuition: $110.

How To Register:

To sign up using a credit card, visit our Square page

To sign up using Paypal, visit Meetup

To register with a check or cash, please email us here: