Level 1 Urban Sustainability training includes the 5-day Urban Core Bais, the 2-day Wilderness First Aid Certification and the 5-day Urban Homestead intensive course.  The course runs April 27 – May 8th, 2015.


Individual Course Dates:

The 5-Day Urban Core Basic, 4/27 – 5/1

2-Day 16 Hr Wilderness First Aid Certification course, 5/2 – 5/3

The Urban Homestead, 5-Day Intensive, 5/4 – 5/8

Pre-Requisites: none.



Program Tuition: When paid as a package prior to the start of the Immersion program, a 10% discount is applied.  Tuition is $1,197 (discount of $133).

A Couples discount is also available: 2 students for $2,330 (discount of $300)

A $400/person non-refundable deposit is required to register for this immersion program.



To pay using a credit card, visit our Square store.

To Pay by mailing a check or money order, just contact us here: