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1-Day Intro to Herbalism Class

We are giving a class that is a good introductory class to herbalism on Friday June 20th. This is a 6-hour class from 9AM to 3PM. We’ll take a short break (30 minutes or so) for lunch, so please bring your lunch (we have a refrigerator and microwave in the classroom if you need either).

Below is the run-down of what we will cover. The tincture making class will overview maceration tinctures, but we will actually make our tinctures (the lymph/immune 2 ounce bottle of tincture you’ll be taking home) as percolation tinctures, so that you can get hands-on experience with this method, which is more difficult than a maceration tincture.

1. Sign up via Meetup/Paypal
2. Pay using a credit card/Square.
3. Pay cash at the beginning of the class.

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Here is what the class includes:
1) Herb Walk

2) Tincture-making class that covers fresh and dried, maceration and percolation tinctures. This will be a lymph/immune tincture and we will briefly cover the physiology of the lymph and immune system and why this tincture is so effective, how to use it, etc.

3) Make one percolation tincture. Students will take home 2 ounces of this.

4) Salve making class. We will NOT be making any salve because there is not enough time to to this and tinctures. However, we will cover all of the steps to make a few different versions of pure oil salves, as well as how to make an ethyl or isopropyl salve.

5) Formula-making class (how do you go about figuring out which herbs to put together?), which will also be a methodology we will use during the tincture making class

6) If there’s time (and there probably will be) – Class on wound healing with herbs.

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