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Create your own Herbal First Aid Kit

By popular demand, this class is back!

This is your chance to create and keep an herbal first aid kit, the likes of which you will not be able to find in one package anywhere else online or in person that I know of.  I will explain what makes this kit different, from the containers to the formulas to the trauma kit.  Take the full class and have any questions about the kit or the herbs answered while also getting to interactively help create and/or process the formulas, tinctures, powders and salves.

When you are finished with the class, you will walk out the door with a complete kit that costs $275.00 to order and have delivered online from our non-profit (Herbal Medics).  This is a full kit that you can read about here and includes both a trauma portion as well as a very extensive herbal portion.  There will be upgrades available as well that are available (extra tinctures and supplies not in the standard version).


This class is $300, and will include instruction on how to make the herbal preparations and ALL the materials listed below as part of the first aid kit.

The class will be limited to 12 students.


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This class will take the better part of a day, so bring something to eat for lunch.  We will be finishing (possibly straining some of the formulas) and/or pouring finished product of about 13 different tinctures, a wound powder, a burn powder, three different salves, USP grade charcoal, a respiratory syrup and more.

Additionally we will be assembling the trauma kit portion of this first aid kit.

During the process, we will discuss the specific formulas and simples of this first aid kit and why they are so effective in a first aid situation.  We will also discuss the trauma kit contents and how this represents a baseline trauma kit as well as a baseline herbal first aid kit.  I can also review some of the relevant herbal and first aid concepts as needed and as time allows, such as how specific tinctures in this kit are made, why he uses the specific herbs he uses, how the formulas are best used, etc.

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