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Emergent Responder Program
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The Emergent Responder Program is an intermediate to advanced level of instruction that prepares the student to be able to function in a post disaster environment solo, as part of a team or in a community.

The program includes over 120 hours of online and on-site instruction, combined with nearly the same amount of co-requisite hours (also online and on-site).

The goal of this course is to give students the ability to function fluently both inside the system of US-based post-disaster response, as well as the ability to function completely beyond that system, in austere or remote situations.

To that end, this program and its co-requisites cover the areas indicated below.

2018 Online Course Schedule

Ambulatory & Emergency Care ll, begins September 4, 2017 (course runs through 11/20/17), $310. Early Bird Special ($275) until 8/14/17.

The Emergency Clinic: Organization and Management – August 15th – September 26th, 2018.

Emergent Responder Basic Bundle — Students can purchase and download Emergency Clinic 1 & Ambulatory Care 1 for immediate download.  Tuition discounts are listed on our calendar page.

Elective Courses

SHTF Post-Disaster Herbalism Course (Online) – Jan. 15th – March 6th, 2018. Register Now


Clinic Setup and Management
Dealing With the Public
Community Center/Lost Person Reports
Resourcing and Resource Management
Canvassing and Mobile Teams and Dispatch
Emergency Communications
Security and Intelligence
Prep for Transport
Death Support
Post Disaster Epidemiology


Bandaging and Splinting Skills
Long-­term Wound Management
Supporting Chronic Illnesses and Community Health, Ambulatory Care
Pain Management
Emergency Psychiatric Care ­
Infectious Disease
Emergency Birth and Pregnancy Support
Children’s Health
Elder Support
Emergency Nutrition
Environmental Injuries and Care

Program Co-Requisite Details and Information

The MINIMUM co-requisites for this program include:

  • FEMA and CERT courses – both are free and will be specified and reviewed during the course.  FEMA courses can be done online, the CERT can be done locally or at our school. View course-list here.
  • HAM technicians license (typically in the $15 – $20 price range — available nationwide)
  • THP introduction to radio and communications class, $120
  • The Core Basic, 5-day survival intensive course, March 12-16th, 2018.  $675  *Early Bird Special is $500 until 12/31/17.
  • Participation on a minimum of one of the 4 annually-scheduled HMA 5-day Clinical Intensive weeks, $500 plus transportation/lodging.



The 10-Day Wilderness Herbal First Responder, Morgantown, WV, June 7 – 16, 2018 

San Antonio Wilderness Herbal First Responder Certification, San Antonio, TX, April 19 – 28, 2018.

Program Tuition Information

Students can sign up for any of these courses individually. There are no  pre-requisites, except for the clinical intensive weeks.

However, there are tuition discounts for students wanting to take the full program.

Bundled program discounts are available, for more information contact us at the email below. 

The Emergent Responder Program consists of three 12-week semesters online (one 2-hour webinar each week) and one 5-day on-site practicum and scenario.

For information on registration, please contact us.