Herbal Aphrodisiacs Online Workshop – 2020

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER This is an online workshop. You can take this anywhere you have an internet connection. You do not have to be present in our area to take the course! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Stress, distraction, hormones and overly-busy lives can all play a role in lowering libido and desire. But did you know there [...]

The Empty Nest – Emotional Health Webinar

REGISTER ONLINE HERE! $5 in advance, up to January 24th.  $10 up until class date. 7 pm central, January 31, 2018. As part of our Emotional Health series, instructor Crystal Honeycutt is hosting live interactive webinars to explore topics that can be benefitted by botanical medicine. The Empty Nest: Transitions. A Botanical Medicine Guide. Empty [...]

Post Disaster Loss and Grief

$5 in advance, up to 9/8. $10 up until class date. 7 pm central, September 14th As floodwaters begin to recede, thousands of people are sorting through ruined belongings, piling up everything they own onto curbs and in dumpsters.  Personal belongings, homes and cars have been declared total losses. Displaced people wait in shelters for [...]

Emotional Intelligence, 6 week online course with Crystal Honeycutt

REGISTER WITH CREDIT CARD       REGISTER WITH PAYPAL Emotional Intelligence is an undervalued but crucial skill for thriving in today’s modern times. Science indicates that more than any other intelligence, emotional aptitude ensures adaptability, success, and life-satisfaction. Emotional intelligence skills can be learned and employed in one’s own life and community. These skills are necessary to [...]

Resilience, Free Webinar on Emotional Strength by Crystal Honeycutt

When life happens or tragedy spirals out of control, it can be difficult to remain strong.  ND and Clinical Herbalist Crystal Honeycutt will walk us through the process the mind starts when it is under duress. Science recognizes specific personality traits, mental conditionings and physiological characteristics that provide advantage in adverse and uncertain situations. This [...]

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