The Human Path is hosting Patriot Martial Arts as they present their popular Anti-Abduction Prevention and iGuardian cyber-safety class.

With growing concerns about child safety in public places, parents want their children to understand and recognize when a stranger is someone to be wary of.  Taught in a fun format called ‘Journey of the Steal-Proof Master’, this 1.5 to 2 hour class shows children 10 different stranger-types and their tricks to become aware of and identify in a confidence-building class.  Youth and their parents will learn through role-playing exercises how to identify someone who might try to abduct them, tools they can use to prevent an abduction and ways to increase their situational awareness of danger.

Following this exercise is a quick program that addresses cyber-stalking and internet safety of children, that includes safety on electronic devices like iPads and phones, called the iGuardian program.

This is a free class given to the community and is taught by Tom and Juanita Howanic of Patriot Martial Arts.

How To Register:

This class will be limited to 25 youth and their parents.

RSVP through our Meetup page or send us an email here to hold a spot: