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Winter Emergency First Aid & Disaster Training Week



This 5-day training focuses on preparing students to work safely and confidently, both during and after an emergency or natural disaster. This 40-hour course will cover emergency first aid techniques, teamwork and leadership for keeping team members safe, working with radio and communications during a disaster, and the equipment and gear needed for disaster preparedness.

The course is open to anyone and there is no pre-requisite. This is an essential course for those wanting to assist with their local community disaster outreach efforts, an herbal medic team or long-term community involvement in rebuilding efforts. The training week also includes a 16-hour wilderness first aid certification, issued by ECSI, that is a ‘must have’ for camp counselors, scout leaders, campers, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Day 1: Setting up a Water Purification System. Clean drinking water is one of the most critical items to address in an emergency or a disaster. Teams of students will create a micro slow sand filtration unit that eliminates about 99.9% of biological contaminants. In addition, we will teach other types of water filtration and purification and what to think about during an emergency. These purification systems can be used as part of a rainwater collection system or to create a safe viable water source after a disaster with hands-on building of a working model water unit.

Day 2: Basic Survival & Communication Skills. Knowledge of essential survival skills in a disaster setting are imperative for setting up a safe environment to work in. This one-day class will include classes on emergency knots and rope work, creating emergency basic shelters for inclement weather, heat sources and the best ones to create with what you have, post-disaster radio and communication skills, light and power during a crisis, and food preparedness for emergencies

Day 3 – 5: Emergency First Aid Certification Training. Students will learn an emphasis on field herbal medicine that can be realistically used in remote and off-grid situations of illness or injury with hands-on experience using clinical and role-playing based training in post-disaster scenarios. This is a 24 hour course taught over 3 days (8 hours per day) and includes both a conventional 16-Hour Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification through Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) as well as more than 8 hours of herbal first aid training.

Herbal First Aid information is integrated into the curriculum every day in order to create a holistic model of remote or post-disaster care that emphasizes the essentials of first aid care while also introducing fundamental plant-medicine concepts that apply to austere or post-disaster environments.

This tuition for this course (the WFA) includes two books:

  • “Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care for Remote Locations” 3rd Edition, Jones & Bartlett Press
  • “The Herbal Medic” Practical use of herbs for home, remote or post-disaster environments, by Sam Coffman



Winter Emergency First Aid Training Week, 40-hour course, 2/21 – 2/25.

$500 Early Bird price until 1/15/18. Regular tuition is $550.

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