Wildcrafting & Herbal Medicine-Making with John Slattery

The use of wild plants for food and medicine is a largely untapped resource available to Americans all across the country. There is a current movement to learn more about our local plants, and there is no better way to do that than to go for a walk and spend time with the plants. Observation is one of the essential skills to hone for the wildcrafter – from the minute details of plants to the patterns present across landscapes.

Herbalist and forager, John Slattery, will be your guide through this full day exploration of wildcrafting herbal medicines. This class will be full of practical information to inform your approach to safely and effectively gathering herbs for medicine as well as providing hands-on work for the experiential learning which is essential for retaining information.

Combine this class with Field Botany for Herbalists (11/10 — Day 1 of the 5-day Skills for Herbalists intensive) for a discounted rate. Email for discount information.

Handouts will be provided, and everyone will go home with some freshly made herbal preparations.


Course Info

Dates:  November 9th, 9 to 5 pm, 2016.

Location:  Our North San Antonio Campus

Pre-Requisites: none.

Tuition:  $65 or $75 in person at start of class.


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