A hurricane sweeps through, cutting off power for days. Flash flooding leaves areas in-accessible and the power grid wiped out with local stores are out of the most commonly needed essentials. Extreme temperatures cause rolling black-outs and interruption to utilities.

No power. No clean potable water. Growing tension among people with no supplies. And no help from the local infrastructure.

Do you know what to do to make sure you and your loved ones can stay safe, to handle disaster, whether it is man-made or environmental? Don’t be caught un-prepared.


In a post-disaster setting, you need to know the skills that will best protect and help you provide for yourself and your loved ones. The Urban Core Basic Course focuses on skills and knowledge needed in a variety of urban environments, as well as the ability to rebuild and sustain a small community in an emergency or post-disaster setting. The Urban preparedness program teaches the essentials to a stationary team or community. Learn everything from off-grid power, water and shelter solutions, optics, self defense for the home, wild foods and medicine in the city to urban recon and vehicle convoys, how to bug out and put it all together in a field scenario.

By learning and testing these skills in the Urban Core Basic you will know them well enough to be able to use them in higher-stress environments. This is the foundation, the groundwork, and these classes are about 75% hands-on learning. If you attend these, you will have a solid working knowledge of the skills we’re teaching.


The Urban Core Basic is also part of our spring immersion program that covers both the Sustainable Engineer 5-day course, SHTF Commo as well as the 5-day Urban Homestead course.  For more information, visit our Immersion Studies page.

For full course curriculum, visit our course catalog.

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