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The Off-Grid Engineer’s Forged Toolkit

*This 2-day course is angled for off-grid engineer students moving into the 5-Day Level 1 course that follows, but is open to all and has no pre-requisite to register.

In a post-disaster situation, tools can become very valuable when supplies are not readily available and rebuilding work must go on. Blacksmith and instructor James Brock specializes in turning salvage and scrap metal into workable tools that are strong, built to last and functional.


This 2-day workshop will explore building a primitive toolbox for engineers, tool by tool. The class will be limited to 8 students, each with their own project of forging one item of their own choice that will towards building a completely customized set of tools.

Possibilities include a hand-forged hatchet, a pry-bar, or a flat-head screwdriver; however the instructor is open to trying other tools, depending on the level of difficulty and the level of skill with the student.

**If there is a tool you would like to make, please email us, and we can verify if it is one that can be done within the scope of this class.



Class date: April 18- 19, 2015.

Class Tuition: $200. A $110 deposit is required to RSVP for this class. *Lunch will be provided on both days.

Tuition must be paid before the class begins to hold your spot. **Please be aware of the school’s cancellation and no-show policy.

Class Size: limited to 8 students.


How To Register:

To use a credit card, visit our Square store.

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