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The Medic: Bandaging & Splinting Workshop

Many emergency first aid skills can be forgotten if you don’t use them on a regular basis.  In the panic of an emergency, it is easy to forget the techniques and when you should use a certain method to secure an injured limb.

This is a 4-hour hands on workshop where we will go over bandaging and splinting techniques for the lower body and then spend the morning reviewing and practicing each method to get in lots of practice! The more you do these skills, the more comfortable you will be with them when they are needed, and the more effective they will be.

We will cover:

  • Ankle injuries – inversion and eversion sprains
  • Diagnosis in the field: how to determine a sprain or strain injury
  • Hands – on: The Ankle Wrap
  • Splinting an open or closed leg fracture
  • Working with improvised first aid materials in the field
  • Leg traction splint
  • Knee taping techniques
  • Knee splinting
  • Pelvis splinting
  • Buddy splinting for toes and legs
  • Contra-indications and field diagnosis
  • Pulses for the lower limbs

Pre-Requisite: none required.

Dates: July 13th, 2019. 9:30am – 1:30pm.

Location: Directions will be emailed to all registered studens prior to the date of the class.


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Regular Tuition: $35 (Online processing fees apply)

Check/Money Order Discount: $35 (No processing fees)

Cash: $30 cash, in advance

If you’ve taken the WFA through THP: $20


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